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A fourteen day waiting period shall apply after customer application has been processed before the selected plan goes into effect. Customer warrants that customer's natural gas, propane or electric house heater, electric central air conditioner, heat pump or oil heater and/or natural gas, propane, oil or electric water heater, or fuel line is in good working order and meets code and manufacturer installation requirements. This agreement covers, except as specifically set forth herein, all labor and materials for adjustment, repair or replacement of the functional parts (listed below) which fail through normal use during the term of your service agreement. A single plan will cover no more than one heater, water heater, or central air conditioner, and the agreement will only cover the equipment specified for that plan. Establishments with more than one unit will be priced at multiples of the agreement rate for each additional unit. This agreement is not written on a pro-rated basis and no refund will be made if cancelled prior to a normal expiration date. There will be no refunds on any unused portion of the plan or in he event of a transfer of this agreement due to the sale or lease of the property or otherwise. Coverage for new oil heating equipment will begin only after a routine maintenance inspection and evaluation. The cost of an initial oil heat inspection will be based on the condition of your equipment. (Coverage for oil water heaters and oil heaters not available in all areas.) Customers who choose monthly or quarterly payment options will pay 12 monthly or 4 quarterly payments over the duration of the contract term (1 year). If the account becomes delinquent, UGI Heating, Cooling & Plumbing (UGI) reserves the right to terminate the contract and bill for any service work performed. Unless cancelled by notifying UGI, this agreement will automatically renew upon the expiration date at the rates, fees, terms and conditions in effect at the time of renewal. UGI shall provide no more than 20 days and no less than 10 days notice of the renewal date. Customer may cancel renewal by providing written notice of cancellation postmarked no later than 3 business days prior to the renewal. UGI Technicians must have safe access to and safe working conditions at and around the covered equipment.

HEATER/BOILER COVERAGE (Natural Gas, Propane, Tankless and Electric)

Aquastat,Automatic Gas Valve, ,Blow Down Valve, Blower Bearings & Belts, Blower Motor (up to 3/4 hp), Blower Pulley & Shaft, Blower Relays, Blower Wheel, Burner Gas Control Elements, Burner Manifold, Circulator Bearing & Coupler, Circulator Motor (up to 1/4 hp), Circulator Mounts, Draft Hood, Draft Inducer, Electric Ignitions System, Electrode, Elements, Factory Wining, Fan & Limit Controls, Fan Door Switch, Fuses, Gas Cook, Gauge Glass, Gauges, Heater Gas Controls, Ignitor, Induced Fan Pressure Switch, Low Water Cut-off, Low Water Cut-off Float, Low Water Cut-off Switch, Main Burners, Main Valve, Module, Pilot Burner, Orifice, Tubing & Valve, Pressure Regulators, Relays, Safety Pilot, Sequencers, Spill Switch, Steam Pressure Controls, Thermocouples, Thermostat Standard (1 per year), Thermostat– Outdoor, Timers, Transformers, Vent Connector, Venturi Tube.


This service agreement further covers the additional functional parts: Circulators, Auto-Fill Valves, Manual Valves, Relief Valves. If one of these parts fails and a total drain down and refill of the system is required, an additional $90 will be charged.


Includes all parts listed under the gas heater that apply, plus all parts associated with the oil burner.

WATER HEATER COVERAGE (Natural Gas, Propane, Tankless and Electric)

Annual Clean and Flush of Tankless, Aquastat, Burner, Burner Tubing, Dip Tube, Draft Hood, Draft Inducer (labor only), Electronic Ignition, Energy Cutoff, Factory Wiring, Gas Cock, Heating Elements, Inducer Motor (if under warranty), Manifold, Main Valve, Modules, Pilot Burner, Orifice, Tubing & Valve, Pressure Regulators, Pressure Switch, Pressure/Temperature Sensors, Relief Valve, Sensors, Spill Switch, Temperature Dial, Temperature Limiting Control, Thermocouple, Thermostat, Vent Connector, Water Shut Off & Drain Valve.

The following are not covered: the draining of a standard water heater and expansion tanks. The drain down and refill fee for a standard water heater is $90.


Backup Heating Coil, Blower Bearings, Blower Belts, Blower Motor, Blower Pulley, Blower Wheel, Circuit Board, Condenser Fan Blades, Condenser Fan Motor, Condensate Pump, Contactors, Crankcase Heaters—External, Defrost Controls, Electric Circuits, Electrical Low Voltage, Elements, Internal Condenser Wiring, Outdoor Unit Relays, Rain Shield, Refrigerant Addition , (1 lb. over life of equipment), Refrigerant Leaks (locating only), Relays, Running Capacitors, Solenoid, Standard Thermostat, Standard Thermostat Subbase,Starting Capacitators, Thermal Fuse—External, Timers, Transformers.

Window units are not covered. Residential coverage for 5 ton units and lower and are single phase. Indoor coils, outdoor coils, compressors, TXV's, filter/dryers and service valves are not covered. Refrigerant covered under this contract after 1/1/2020 will be limited to R410A due to EPA laws. If available, it will be charged at the set rate per pound.

INSPECTION & SAFETY CHECK (Heater, Water Heater & Outside A/C Condenser Unit)

(Heater, Water Heater & Outside A/C Condenser Unit. Air handlers are not covered.)
Adjust Belts, Check Belts, Check Blower Wheel, Check Burner Operation, Check Circuit Breakers & Fuses, Check Condensate Drain, Check Condensate Pump, Check Draft &/or Chimney Base, Check Humidifier Dampers, Check Operation—Limits & Controls, Check Pressure Switch, Check Standard Air Filters, Check Temperature Rise & Drop Over Coils, Check Thermostat, Check Thermostat Calibration, Check Water Pressure, Check Worn/Defective Parts, Complete Combustion Check Including Carbon , Monoxide Levels, Inspect & Lubricate Motors, Inspect Burners, Inspect Capacitators, Inspect Condenser Coils, Inspect Contactor Points, Inspect Heat Exchanger for Rust, Cracks & Water Leaks, Inspect Refrigerant Controls, Inspect Temperature Controls, Inspect Safety Controls, Lubricate Motors/Blowers, Megohmmeter Test if Needed, Prepare System for Operation, Tighten Electrical Connections.

MAINTENANCE & CLEANING (Includes everything listed in Inspection & Safety Check section plus items below)

Check Boiler for Proper Water Pressure, Check Condition of Blower Wheel or Circulator Pump, Check Defrost Control, Check Evaporator Coil if Possible, Check Fan Speed for Proper Heat Rise, Check & Flush Condensate Drain, Check Freon Level if Needed, Check Micro-Amp Reading of Flame Sensor if Applicable, Check Motors for Proper AMP Draw, Check for Proper Gas Pressure & BTU Input, Check PVC Vent & Intake Piping if 90+ Furnace, Check for Refrigerant & Oil Leaks, Check Steam Controls, Clean Blower Assembly if Needed, Clean Heat Exchanger & Remove, Dust & Debris, Remove & Clean Burners, Remove & Clean Ignition System, Remove & Clean baffles, Remove Metal Vent Pipe & Inspect Chimney, Base & Clean as Needed.


Black and/or Galvanized Piping (1/2” to 2” diameter), Caps, Elbows, Manual “A” & “B” Valves, Metal Flex Connectors, Nipples, Pipe hangers, straps & clamps, Tees, Reducing Fittings, Unions.

This plan covers only internal, exposed piping that is accessible for repair and/or replacement. All underground piping is excluded from coverage. Bonding is excluded.


Liability is limited solely to the repair or replacement of the parts listed above. If a part not listed above requires replacement, UGI will perform the work at a quoted price. Equipment with pre-existing conditions requiring repair will not be covered by this plan. Service and parts for logs, Wifi-stats, fireplaces, and other space heating, heat recovery, extraction or window air conditioners, mixing valves, expansion tanks, water coils, air vents, attic pans and damage due to broken condensate lines are not covered by the service agreement. This agreement covers no more than two circulators and two standard thermostats per contract. Piping to and from boilers including all valves, flow checks, and drains are not covered by this plan. UGI reserves the right to restrict coverage eligibility for certain specific makes of equipment. UGI reserves the right to inspect the equipment for satisfactory operating condition prior to acceptance. This agreement does not cover damages and repairs necessitated by customer abuse, fire, flood, freezing, or other abnormal conditions. Nor does it cover work from faulty design or installation. UGI reserves the right to reject any application or cancel the contract and refund the agreement price paid if the covered equipment does not comply with the provisions of the agreement.


Within the 12-month coverage period on equipment plans, customers with a service agreement will receive a 10% dis­count on any repair work by UGI that is not covered by the agreement. This 10% discount is not applied to any fees or surcharges. Heater cleanings and A/C tune ups are not included with all contracts. However, certain preferred pricing may be available for contract customers at specific times within the coverage year. If a part is covered by manufacturer's warranty and not our service agreement, labor is charged at the 10% discounted rate. 

This is not a replacement plan; however, in the event your unit is deemed not repairable due to failure of a covered part or it is not cost effective to repair, UGI will give you up to a $100 discount off the cost of a new air conditioning system (for a 14 SEER-Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating), $100 discount off the cost of a new heating system, and a $50
discount off the cost of a new water heater that is purchased and installed by UGI.


The decision of whether to repair or replace a defective part or the selection of the replacement part rests exclusively with UGI. UGI is not responsible for obtaining obsolete or unavailable parts. Material and labor costs to alter existing equipment or piping to be adapted for replacement parts in the above circumstances will be borne by the customer. Qualified contractors, at UGl's discretion, may be used to fulfill all or part of its obligation under this contract. If equipment is inaccessible or unsafe for service by one technician, the customer must pay for additional personnel at prevailing rates. UGI assumes no liabilities for either the quality or condition of the water or for any damage that it may cause to the covered equipment or to any other property or fixture of customer or any other person or entity. If the equipment under coverage is moved anytime during the coverage period, the service contract is void. For Hazleton customers UGI HVAC Enterprises Inc. utilizes Zola's Plumbing & Heating, Inc. 801 James Street PO Box 44, Hazleton, PA 18201, phone 570-459-5912, to com­plete some or all of the service calls.


Customer acknowledges that weather conditions shall effect response times. Customer further acknowledges that UGI, in its whole discretion shall schedule all work by priority. Annual maintenances and inspections will be performed between January 1st through October 15th. Customer agrees that UGI shall not be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages incurred by customer.


In addition to the price for desired coverage, Customer agrees to pay UGI HVAC Enterprises, Inc. fees, rates, surcharges and other charges in effect on the date that services are rendered, which may include, but not limited to, a materials handling fee, response fee, and/or motor fuel fee. UGI HVAC Enterprises, Inc. reserves the right to change its fees and other charges from time to time without prior notice. UGI HVAC Enterprises, Inc. fees, and other charges, if any, are not refundable except to the extent that a refund may be required by law. Terms and Conditions subject to change. 

UGI HVAC Enterprises, Inc. agrees to provide liability insurance in an amount not less than $50,000 per occurrence covering bodily injury and property damage.

Rev. 02/01/2020

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